Semantic Web

The Web should be an open web, all the informations published on the Web are meant to be shared. is a Web service uses Semantic Web technologies and Machine Learning to link and share technical articles on the Web.

Meaningful Integration of Data from Heterogeneous Health Services and Home Environment Based on Ontology

The development of electronic health records, wearable devices, health applications and Internet of Things (IoT)-empowered smart homes is promoting various applications. It also makes health self-management much more feasible, which can partially …

An Ontological Approach to Integrate Health Resources from Different Categories of Services

Effective and convenient self-management of health requires collaborative utilization of health data from different services provided by healthcare providers, consumer-facing products and even open data on the Web. Although health data …

Web Notes

Typically, the term “Web services” is used to label the older, XML-based interfaces on top of HTTP. The term “Web APIs” is more fashionable for interfaces that use HTTP and JSON.