A literature review of current technologies on health data integration for patient-centered health management


Health data integration enables a collaborative utilization of data across different systems. It not only provides a comprehensive view of a patient’s health but can also potentially cope with challenges faced by the current healthcare system. In this literature review, we investigated the existing work on heterogeneous health data integration as well as the methods of utilizing the integrated health data. Our search was narrowed down to 32 articles for analysis. The integration approaches in the reviewed articles were classified into three classifications, and the utilization approaches were classified into five classifications. The topic of health data integration is still under debate and problems are far from being resolved. This review suggests the need for a more efficient way to invoke the various services for aggregating health data, as well as a more effective way to integrate the aggregated health data for supporting collaborative utilization. We have found that the combination of Web Application Programming Interface and Semantic Web technologies has the potential to cope with the challenges based on our analysis of the review result.

Health Informatics Journal