Linking Health Web Services as Resource Graph by Semantic REST Resource Tagging


Various health Web services host a huge amount of health data about patients. The heterogeneity of the services hinders the collaborative utilization of these health data, which can provide a valuable support for the self-management of chronic diseases. The combination of REST Web services and Semantic Web technologies has proven to be a viable approach to address the problem. This paper proposes a method to add semantic annotations to the REST Web services. The service descriptions and the resource representations with semantic annotations can be transformed into a resource graph. It integrates health data from different services, and can link to the health-domain ontologies and Linked Open Health Data to support health management and imaginative applications. The feasibility of our method is demonstrated by realizing with OpenAPI service description and JSON-LD representation in an example use case.

Procedia Computer Science, Volume 141, 2018 - The 8th International Conference on Current and Future Trends of Information and Communication Technologies in Healthcare (ICTH-2018)